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(Alex) Ching-Tai Ng Senior Lecturer - Adelaide Area, Australia
Aaron Poeze Tutor
Abbas Taheri Lecturer
Abbas ZeiniJahromi PhD candidate in Petroleum Engineering - Adelaide, Australia
Abdul Rahman Al-Azri Oral Pathologist - School of Dentistry
Adam Burdeniuk PhD Candidate
Adam Freeling Student Outreach Ambassador - Adelaide, Australia
Adam Frick Student Ambassador at 2014 University of Adelaide Careers Expo - Adelaide Area, Australia
Adam Grajczyk Programmer - Adelaide
Adam Kilpatrick Ph.D Candidate
Adam Schwartzkopff PhD Candidate - Adelaide Area, Australia
Adam Sotora Mechanincal Engineer Student
Adam Toomes Ph.D Student - Adelaide, Australia
Adeline Zhang ProConnect Student Leader
Adrian Katic Manager Workplace Relations - Adelaide Area, Australia
Adrian Markwell-Heys Scientific Researcher
Adrian Sutanto Student
Afshin Karami MEng CEng MIChemE RPEQ Teaching Assistant - Adelaide, Australia
Ahmed Abdolkhalig Researcher (PhD) - Adelaide, Australia
Aidan Brooksby Tutor
Aihua Feng Economics Tutor - Adelaide, Australia
Ainsley Campbell Marketing Coordinator - Adelaide, Australia
Alan McLennan Facility and Infrastructure Officer
Alanna Knight Veterinary Student
Aleisha Laing Professional Development
Alex Craggs Information Security Specialist
Alex Hermann Design Engineer, Data Engineer, Engine & Drivetrain System Manager
Alex Horner Clinical Trials Coordinator
Alex Laratro Postgraduate Research Student
Alex Nehmy Senior Information Security Specialist (Network Operations and Information Security Team) - Adelaide Area, Australia
Alexander Bishop-Thorpe Systems Support Assistant
Alexander Normandale Senior Counsel - adelaide, south australia
Alexander Swanson Research
Ali Karami Horestani PhD Candidate
Ali Sabet Event Assistant
Alice Boerma Psychology Student
Alice Marlard Project Manager of the programm Adelaide Advantage - Adelaide Area, Australia
Alicia Montgomerie Senior Research Associate
Alida Parente Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator
Alireza Keshavarz PhD Candidate, teacher assistant - Adelaide, Australia
Alison Coppe PhD Candidate/ Casual Tutor
Alison Harwood Honours
Alison Jane Writer, lecturer, editor
Alistair Pellen Senior Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Leader Mentor
Allana Linn International Executive Officer
Allen Catalan Mend-A-Friend Facebook Mediator
Alwin Chong Director - Yaitya Purruna Indigenous Health Unit
Alwin P'ng System Administrator
Amanda Bramwell Communications Team Leader and Support - Adelaide, Australia
Amanda Hawtin Development Officer